Ensuring a Safe Environment for children in order to develop their latent potentials

December 11, 2014 No Comments

The brick kilns do not provide an environment for ensuring safety for children. With both parents and older siblings engaged in work, younger children are often left without proper care and adult supervision. As a result they often meet accidents like falling in the ponds or injuring themselves during skirmishes with other children – which often proves to be fatal.

The problem of Amena Bibi and Anarul Gaji was similar to the issue faced by these parents, who had to bring along little Asmatullah to the kiln as they did not have resources to look after the children in their native villages. They being illiterate, the parents of Asmatullah did not consider putting him to school. Thus the little child did not have any fruitful engagement in the kiln. He roamed the vast expanses of the RKM kiln, unattended. During this period, he was befriended by certain elements in the area whose influence was harmful for the child. The parents were oblivious of this development.

“One day a neighbour in the labour shed told me that Asmatullah was hanging around with much older boys than his age” says Amena. “At first we did not pay much heed to the information and was somehow happy that he is under supervision of older boys and hence safe from accidents which often befall children who roam unattended in the kilns” she adds.

“However, within the next few months, we came to know that that the kid had picked by the habit of smoking ganja from his newly acquired friends” informs the mother. This sent the alarm ringing in the family. The kids are first lured into the habit with free smoke and when they develop the addiction, they are asked to buy the stuffs – which often they cannot afford. At this juncture, little kids are appointed as drug peddlers by these cartels as they are never suspected by the law enforcement agencies.

The hapless parents tried all means within their reach to dissuade the child. Since the parents had to leave for work in the morning they could not provide gainful engagement and proper supervision, for the child and hence the situation drifted from bad to worse.

At this point of time, the multi activity centre was set up in the kiln under the scope of this project. On receiving this information, Asmatullah was admitted as one of the first beneficiaries of the centre. Before going to work, the parents ensure to drop him in the centre where he is being introduced to letters, rhymes and games – just like a normal child. With age appropriate education and association in the centre, the little kid is returning to the folds of childhood.

“The case of Asmatullah has served to be an eye opener for other working parents in this kiln” says Shakeela Bibi – the multipurpose worker of the MAC. “They are taking interest in enrolling their children in the MAC for being provided care and supervision. This is protecting them from being unattended and coming under harmful influence or meeting fatal accidents” she adds.


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