Pre-vocational Training: Girls from vulnerable families striding towards self reliance

December 11, 2014 No Comments

Poverty has been the prime reason for discontinuation of education of many children in the brick kilns and adjoining villages. Selina, age 17, is one such girl who dropped out of school in class VII in order to support his family by way of helping his father in the works in the RKM brick kiln.

“It is out of dire desperation that we come to work in the kilns” says Selina. “The heat, dust and physical exhaustion of work take its tolls on the girls who return home to discharge household responsibilities. Additionally there are problems related to water and especially sanitation facilities for the ladies – that makes working even more difficult. But this is the only work we can get given our level of education and lack of special vocational skill sets to look for more remunerative alternatives” she rues.

“The girls devote total dedication to the learning process” certifies Fazila Khatun, the tailoring instructor in the RKM activity center. “They are trying hard to overcome the handicap posed by limited education and exposure to the outside world” she says.

“The tailoring skill that we picked up here is definitely going to help us in securing alternative employment as the trade is fast picking up in the area and contractors are visiting the place with offers for job contract from readymade garment houses” informs the optimistic girl.


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