Developing “Positive Discipline” in children

December 11, 2014 No Comments

hantu is a playful and carefree little child like any other 5 year old. From the distant village in the district of Murshidabad,  his father Humayun Sheikh came to this in search of work along with his mother and elder brother.

While the entire family was involved in the brick manufacturing work, Jhantu roamed about in the kiln along with outher kids of his age whiling away the time. Often he used to get involved in fights with other kids and the news used to reach Humayun as complaint from other workers whose children were beaten up by Jhantu.

The issue became a mojor concern for his parents as many of the  other workers in the kiln were turning hostile and the parents lacked resources or knowledge to discipline the erring child. Corporal punishment inflicted on little Jhantu yielded negative results and he turned even more obstinate.

Humayen took the first opportunity to enrol Jhantu in this centre and sicnce then his energy has been diverted towards positive direction.

Jhantu has made commendable progress in learning the numbers and the albhabets. He has also learnt a number of rhymes, which he is ever eger to recite in front of strangers.

The story of Jhantureiterates the need of initiatives to bring early childhood care and education to the children in the kilns to inculcate a positive culture of bringing them up in a non violent and joyful environment in order to bring out their true potential to excel in life


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