Children mainstreamed in formal schools

December 11, 2014 No Comments

Hazrat Sardar, Class VIII (MAC at Ankur I brick kiln)

“We have devoted a lot of time and effort to ensure that Hazrat continues his schooling” says Selina Bibi. “Due to the migratory nature of the family’s work, he had to often more with his family to their place of work causing disruption in his studies” she says.

After joining the MAC as one of the first children to resister here, the infrastructure and support from the multipurpose worker to keep up with the classroom studies enabled him to be mainstreamed in the local formal school.

This basic support helped in sustaining Hazrat’s interest in studies and his inherent talent furthered his performance in class. Gradually the teachers began to take note of his improvement and given his disadvantaged background they began to invest additional time and effort on him.

Today Hazrat is one of the star performers of his class and the teachers are confident that he will bring accolades for the school in the board examinations. The success of Hazrat has developed him to be a role model for many a kids and parents are also beginning to believe that a child from the kiln can excel in education and change the course of their destiny.

Hazrat finds time to visit the center regularly during vacations and holidays to help out in giving lessons to the younger children. These children also receive inspiration from the success story of this boy who happens to be one of them.




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