Metamorphosis from Trainee Master Trainer

December 11, 2014 No Comments

Fazila Khatun’s story aligns to the one of numerous girl children’s, whose education and development is sacrificed on the altar of family responsibilities. After death of her father, once the family finances ran into trouble, Fazila was forced to drop out of school and shoulder responsibilities of home as well as work in a kiln to support the family income.

Since economic condition became harder by the day, the young girl looked for alternative avenues to supplement family income, which could be practiced from her village.

She enrolled in the pre vocational training course, which was supported by Save the Children. As a sharp student, she picked up the tricks of the trade very quickly. The enterprising girl established contact with the garment houses in Barasat and started bringing garments for sewing these readymade items. Gradually she developed a proficiency in her work and proportionately her income also increased.

Throughout these phases, Fazila remained in constant touch with SC’s programme team. While the vacancy came up for the post of master trainer to take up the charge of the pre vocational training center at RKM brick kiln, Fazila was the first option that came to the mind of the project team.

Coming from same background as the beneficiaries, Fazila understands their requirements and predicaments. As a result she developed into a fine trainer – effectively imparting instruction to the new trainees while gaining unquestioned obedience from them.

Fazila was thus an outstanding achievement of the current project – not only helping women from disadvantaged women to support themselves, but also imbibing in them the spirit of helping others coming from the same backgrounds.fazila-khatoon

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