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Health initiatives are focused on women and child health. It bridges paucity of health services both at home and work. Poor water sanitation facilities coupled with extremely poor hygiene practice negatively impacts health. Due to barriers posed by system and economic constraint, beneficiaries depend heavily on local quack doctors. NMCS works to improve the scenario through facilitating access of health services and improving hygiene related practice of the community. With information and access to maternal, child and reproductive health significant empowerment of women is achieved in target communities.

  • NMCS conducts advocacy with Govt. departments and service providers to ensure delivery of essential services/schemes excluded communities – especially children.
  • Facilitates access of hygiene, breast feeding, ANC/PNC services pregnant/lactating women.
  • Facilitates ICDS coverage to previously excluded children
  • Trains separate target groups on reproductive/ sexual health and family planning.
  • Facilitates immunization drives with help of Health Department.
  • Mobilizes families to opt for safe child births through institutional delivery and service of trained “traditional birth attendants”.
  • NMCS has undertaken construction of toilet blocks and tube wells in areas which are severely deficient of these facilities.
  • Regular water quality monitoring is also undertaken to ensure safety of portable water.


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