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December 11, 2014 No Comments

The district administration kindly accorded the permission to organize the consultation in the auditorium of North 24 Parganas Zilla Parishad, Titumir Hall on 17the September 2014.

The consultation was formally convened by the office of the Additional District Magistrate (Development), the chief functionary of the district in respect to development including charge of executing and designing water sanitation related issues. Swasthya Karmadhakshya took an active role in inviting the departmental functionaries whose activity touched the issue of development in the brick kilns.

The district administration along with NMCS hoped that the consultation would provide a platform for sharing of the experience of the current project with all the representing departmental functionaries. Participating children, teachers and community members will share their experience. The project team will try to learn from administrative and other departments on what further can be done to expand the scope of the programme and how the participating departments can help through linking and mainstreaming. Furthermore, it will provide the project team to showcase its achievements in front of block level administrative functionaries   thereby opening the scope of establishing linkages and mainstreaming with state sponsored schemes

The issues addressed under the scope of the current project would gain focus since the same issues exist in all brick kiln areas throughout the district. Insanitary conditions affect health of mothers and children which often escalate into general public health issue – concerning all residents in the area.

Through this churning, an attempt will be made to draft a road map or plan of action that will help in management and sustainability of the programme through building convergence with schemes and programmes conducted by the various constituents of the represented bodies.




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