About Us

Narayantala Mass Communication Society [NMCS], a Govt registered social welfare organization, established in the year 1992 by a group of dedicated youths on developmental issues among the weaker sections of our society. The organization formally registered with the State Government of West Bengal as a non profit making social welfare organization. NMCS’s mandate is to ensure overall development of the downtrodden, underprivileged section of our society in the area of- Reproductive Child health, Sexual Health, Women Empowerment, Basic Education, Child welfare and sustainable agriculture development


To address priority health, education & vocational skills issues in the field of Reproductive health, HIV/AIDS, life centered education and organize skill development vocational training throughout West Bengal, while continuing to set new standards for innovation, efficiency and all-round excellence.


To empower low-income group people of our society to lead healthy lives through informed use of health services; education & income generate vocational skill development activity.